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Conditions of Use


For the sale and delivery of our products are part of these conditions. Deviations from these sales, especially the validity of the customer's purchasing regulations require our written consent. When in doubt, a change in our delivery and payment are not wanted.

1. Offers, orders

Our offers are subject to change. Orders are only binding if confirmed in writing by our management or the goods are delivered.

2. Prices

The prices are based on the date of delivery price list.
All prices are quoted in euros, prices are not negotiable in retrospect.

3. Force Majeure

In case of force majeure or other involuntary infringement of our supply options - such as are circumstances and occurrences that with the diligence of a prudent businessman can not be prevented - we are relieved of the obligation to deliver, without any compensation obligation. Acts of violence include, but are also transport problems, breakdowns, delays in deliveries of raw materials, government action, any form of industrial action. The customer may cancel the order if we are unable to provide adequate additional period may.

4. Delivery

Despite all efforts to meet delivery dates, time commitments are not binding. In the case of force majeure or other involuntary damage our supply options, see Section 3 above, the delivery period is extended by the period of disability. The customer is both the occurrence and the probable duration of disability agreed immediately. Either party may withdraw from a single order without compensation, if the delivery is delayed more than a month. Dates are not met, the customer may cancel the contract only if we are not responsible for the delivery of compliance and he has allowed us a reasonable grace period. We are entitled to partial deliveries. The shipping is done even at the risk and expense of the customer, if we use our own vehicles. Despatch and delivery agents are set at our discretion without liability for cheapest shipping from us.

5. Terms of payment

The payment of the purchase price - unless otherwise agreed - upon receipt of invoice in cash without deduction to be made by direct debit, bank transfer or through an online statement credit card or PayPal. The decrease of acceptances and bills of exchange, we reserve the right for each individual case. Bills, checks and bank debits apply only after they have been redeemed and credited to our bank account as payment. Discount fees and other costs are charged to the customer. The customer is entitled to compensation only if his counterclaim is undisputed or legally binding. The customer is not permitted to exercise a lien from previous or other transactions of the ongoing business relationship. When exceeding the agreed upon payment occurs without further delay. In this case we are entitled to charge interest at 8% above the base rate charged; to assert a higher damage remains reserved. At the same time, all existing payment obligations due to us and we can perform deliveries only against payment in cash or cash in advance. In certain circumstances, reduce the creditworthiness of customers, we can withdraw from the contract or make an extraordinary termination claim, if the customer does not pay within a period to be determined by our security. One will be redundant in the collection of change underlying deferral and the customer is obligated to pay cash in exchange for return of the bill.

6. Retention of title

The ownership of the delivered goods, we reserve to meet all our demands from the prior business relationship with the customer. The individual claims in a running current account and the balance and its recognition does not affect this reservation. Dispose of the goods may only be made in the ordinary course of business. The resulting claims against third parties are assigned to us for safety's sake. When reselling the cash proceeds shall immediately replace the goods, whereby the transfer of proceeds shall be made immediately. Third party access to the goods under retention of title shall be reported to us immediately.

The retention of title also extends to the processing, mixing or combining our goods to their full value. Here we are as a manufacturer that is exempt from the customer of all obligations thereof. The event of processing, mixing or combination with goods of third parties whose property rights exist, then we acquire joint ownership of the newly-emerging products in the ratio of the invoice value of the processed goods. Exceptions and objections against our rightful claim to surrender to us or hereafter assigned claims are excluded. We are entitled to the warehouse of the customer himself or by proxy for determining to enter goods under retention of title. We commit ourselves to release the existing security at our discretion, if their value exceeds the secured claims by 20%.


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